Where is the first place you look, when searching for a new business, restaurant, or product to buy? Most people, especially tech savvy individuals are going to look online. Gone are the days of flipping through the fifteen pound phonebook or calling 411!

Keeping up with the times, we have recently revamped our Facebook page. Still a work in progress, we will be deciding over the next few weeks the content that will be posted on our page.

What would you like to see? Weekly specials, product lists? Pictures? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to like our page.

We are currently seeking a dedicated employee to add to our team. Job requirements include, but not limited to:

-Daily contact with our current customer base

-Meet & Greet with potential customers

-Weekly emailed price lists

-Negotiating the best price with your customers

You will spend equal time in the office as you will out on the road. Reliable transportation is a necessity. Experience in the seafood industry is not required, however, training will be conducted so that you are able to efficiently and confidently discuss our product with customers. Bi-lingual English/Spanish speaking is a huge plus!

If you are a reliable, self-starter, looking for a tough but rewarding job. Please call our of...

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October is National Seafood Month, so what's a better way to step into the world of blogging than talking about seafood?

As the weather cools, we've finally started to see Large Rockfish, off our Mid-Atlantic Coast line. Just like the snow birds of the East Coast, they head south as the weather cools.

Rockfish, also known as Striped Bass or Stripers are an exciting fish for us to source. Not only do we get to bring in local caught fish, but we also get to support local fisherman and our local industry.

Below you'll find one of my favorite recipes for Rockfish.

Lemon and Herb Rockfish

1 lb. Rockfish Fillets portioned into 4 pieces

1TBSP butter

1tsp chopped fresh thyme

1.5 tsp dried oregano

1 small pi...

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The cool people over at Mopro just created our new site. Check it out!


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