About Us

Manolo and Son & MAS Seafood is a family owned and operated seafood company located in Alexandria, VA. Since 2006, the Ribadulla family has been dedicated to serving area restaurants high quality seafood with unmatched customer service. In early 2020, the company opened for preorder-sales to the public; by the end of the year the company had moved locations and is in the process of building out a full service seafood market.

Manolo & Son specializes in serving top quality seafood to restaurants, grocery stores. We pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with any seafood they crave. Our extensive vendor network helps us source interesting and "hard to find" products. With several decades of experience in the industry; Michael and Katy confidently transformed Manolo and Son, into MAS Seafood. 

The father of our family company, Manuel Ribadulla, has worked in the industry since he arrived in America in 1972, from the world renowned fishing & port town of Vigo, Spain. Manolo & Son LLC opened for business in late February of '06. Since then we have steadily supplied our customers with great seafood. After years of focusing on wholesale business, we made a necessary pivot to the retail market and since have enjoyed the one on one relationships we are building with our new clientele. We are now open to walk-in orders.

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